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The sectors that come under the legal background and regulatory activities are known as the Legal Metrology. It therefore concerns the measurements and measuring instruments for the protection of health, public safety, the environment, enable taxation, protection of consumers and fare trade; having these in mind maintaining the law and order in respect to measurements.

The subject matter that is connected to the legal metrology activities that are undertaken by the Measurement Units, Standards and Services Department are clearly defined in the law and order regulations that are specified on this subject.

This empowers the department to regulate the Legal Measurement Systems in the following areas: -

  • Comparison of the standards in use and conduct verification centers at district basis.
  • Verification of weighing and measurement instruments initially and then the continued inspection.
  • Administer the producers, repairers of the weighing and measurement instruments which are used in trade.
  • By the implementation of penalties that are set out in the law, protection of the consumers.
  • Educating the consumers of the legality of the measurement system.
  • Giving approval to patterns used for weighing and measuring equipment used in trade and industry.
  • Monitoring and controlling of pre-packed commodities.
  • Mandatory calibration of measuring equipment used in road safety, environmental protection and health sectors.