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Time and frequency laboratory maintains and disseminate the Standard time of Sri Lanka (SLST) and deliver the services in time, Time interval and Frequency parameters to the calibration and testing laboratories and industry.

Main Functions

  • Maintaining and disseminating Sri Lanka Standard Time (Regulation: Sri Lanka Standard Time Regulation 2011)
  • Maintaining National standard for frequency
  • Delivering calibration services

Standards Maintained

  • Time and Frequency Standard system: Cs Primary frequency standard, Rubidium Atomic standard, Time interval counter with rubidium oscillator
  • Time dissemination system: NTP time server stratum 1 and 2, web server for time display
  • Time transfer system: GNSS receiver, Choke ring antenna
  • Time and Frequency calibration system: Signal Generator, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Timer and Stopwatch calibration

Calibration Services Delivered

  • Time (UTC, SLST)
  • Time interval (100ns to 10 days)
  • Frequency (1 mHz to 1 GHz)

Stopwatches, timers, rpm meters, centrifuges, function generators, oscilloscopes, other timing, time interval and frequency measuring instrumentsused in special applications

Calibration Fee

Electrical, time and frequency related calibration services
Category  1 Analogue display  
Voltmeter AC or  DC up to 1000V 1500
Voltmeter AC or DC exceeding  1000V 2000
Ammeter AC or DC up to 12A 1500
Ammeter AC or DC exceeding 12A 2000
Ohmmeter up to 100MΩ 1500
Ohmmeter exceeding 100MΩ 2000
Category  2 Digital display  
Voltmeter AC or DC up to 1000V 2000
Voltmeter AC or DC exceeding  1000V 2500
Ammeter AC or  DC up to 12A 2000
Ammeter AC or DC exceeding 12A 2500
Ohmmeter up to 100MΩ 2000
Ohmmeter exceeding 100MΩ 2500
Multimeter 6.5 /Voltage AC/DC,  Current AC/DC, Resistance 7500
Multimeter 4.5 /Voltage AC/DC,  Current AC/DC, Resistance 5000
Category 3  
Resistor 2000
Time/ Stop watch 2000
Frequency/Tachometer 2000
For one channel 2000
Function Generator  
For one wave type 2000

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